Monday, 18 November 2013

Happy Birthday to my Mommas.

Today is a very special day in my house cos its my mum and mum in law's birthday. Its not a mistake that they are birthday mates.

Its a perfect day to celebrate both of them.
Wishing them many more years to come. Love u.

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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Marketers ban Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is currently the highest paid actress in Nollywood. She charges between N1.8million to N2m to feature in a movie. The others, like Ini and Funke charge between N700k to N1.2million.

For this reason, the actress has been blacklisted by the Nollywood Movie Marketers Association. The ban will not take effect immediately as Mercy has already signed up to do quite a number of movies. She returned on Thursday from a movie location, and will be on the set of another movie from tomorrow, Sunday. She will be traveling out of Nigeria sometime this month and when she returns, will be on another movie she's basically booked till the end of the year.

The idea now is not to ban her after all her current contracts end. So the ban won't take effect until at least January 2014. This is not the first time the movie marketers association will be placing a ban on actors. They did this a few years ago when quite a number of Nollywood actors including Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, RMD, Emeka Ike, Jim Iyke and others were blacklisted.

I have to start acting.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Toke Makinwa dreams for a marriage proposal

Dont worry I wasnt able to invade her dreams but Toke's birthday is in 6 days and she is definitely expecting her man to propose on that day.
Check out her tweets earlier today.

Maybe she is just giving us a hint bout what her man would do that day or is she trying to tell him what she actually wants?

Lady Gaga performs NAKED

Lady Gaga has gone crazy!!! She performed in a white flowing gown at a London gay club where she eventually removed the gown and went all naked.
That lady is something else.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kimmy is officially engaged

So Kanye has finally popped the question.
Kimmy's baby daddy popped
the question in front of their friends and family
at AT&T Park in San Francisco where Kim was
celebrating her 33rd birthday last night. Kim's
15-carat diamond engagement ring was made
by Lorraine Schwartz.

Come to think of it this will be another K and K wedding. Am sure u can remember the K and K theme for Kris and Kim wedding.
I hope this one last sha.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Reowned Saudi preacher jailed for 8years for raping and killing his daughter

What is the world coming to???

An ultraconservative Muslim preacher in Saudi
Arabia was sentenced to eight years in prison
and 800 lashes for raping and beating his five-
year-old daughter to death, official media said
Tuesday. Fayhan al-Ghamdi, who often
preached on television, was convicted of
beating his daughter Lama with canes,
burning her with electrical cables, crushing
her skull and tearing off her nails. She was
also raped repeatedly and died months later
in a Saudi hospital.
The kingdom follows a strict interpretation of
Islam under which murder, drug trafficking,
rape and armed robbery are capital crimes,
with execution mostly by firing squad. The
case of Lama caused a public outcry and
brought to light sensitive issues surrounding
the ambiguity of punishment for Saudi fathers
found guilty of murdering their own children.
Much less serious crimes often receive heavier
The Saudi official news website Sabq
reported that the hard-line Muslim preacher
was not given a harsher sentence because
Lama's mother accepted 1 million riyals,
roughly $267,000, from her ex-husband as
"blood money," allowed in litigation under
Saudi law.
The Egyptian mother, who acquired Saudi
nationality through her ex-husband, was
quoted in Arab Gulf-based media saying she is
a poor single woman with no income. By
accepting the money, she waived the right to
demand retribution, or "qisas," against al-
Ghamdi for the death of their daughter. It was
not immediately known if she was pressured
to accept the deal.
Lama's mother told broadcaster Al-Arabiya
that al-Ghamdi took their daughter from her
for a two-week visit in 2011 to his home with
his second wife and other children. Months
went by and he refused to allow the mother to
see her daughter. The mother wears a full
face veil and her name was not revealed.
Lama was then taken to a hospital, where she
died in intensive care in late 2012.
"I saw her and I swear to God I didn't
recognize her," the mother told the news
channel, describing the moment she saw her
daughter's disfigured face and body in the
hospital. "I felt there is no mercy among
"She was beaten from the head to the toe, all
black and blue all over her body," the mother
Al-Ghamdi had previously said he had been
guided by God after having a temper during
his adolescent years, although Lama's mother
says otherwise.
"He used to beat me for no reason and raise a
knife to me," she told popular Saudi station
Rotana Khalijia, adding that al-Ghamdi also
did not provide basic household necessities.
"A man who does not even give money to
(feed) his own daughter is not a preacher,"
she said, adding that al-Ghamdi did not
practice what he preached on television,
taking drugs, drinking alcohol and sometimes
breaking obligatory Muslims fasts.
Culled from NY Daily News
He deserves more than 8 years. Haba!!!

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Rita Dominic veers into singing

Rita Dominic has set to join the train of Nollywood stars that sing.
I can't wait for the single to come out. I hope it sound's better than Tonto's song.

She will be singing with Ms. Kate Henshaw.
*keeping my fingers crossed*
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tiwa Savage covers the October Edition of TW magazine

Check out Tiwa looking so Bold and Beautiful on this month's cover of TW magazine


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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shocking news!!! Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner seperate after 22 years of marriage

According Eonline Bruce and Kris have seperated after 22years of marriage.

"We have been living seperately and we are much happier this way," the pair exclusively tell E! news.

"But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are seperated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.

Phew. This is sad but considering the fact that they have been leaving apart for some months now its not gonna be so shocking when they start a divorce battle. Just sorry for Kylie and Kendall.

Hmmmmm I hope Lamar and Khloe aint next as the Kardashians come crumbling.

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Pa Kasumu needs your help.

Now this is sooooooooo sad

Nollywood actor, Olukayode Odumosu popularly known as Pa Kasumu is struggling to stay alive at LUTH as he battles heart and liver diseases; “secondary prevention of repeat stroke,” after a previous stroke.  The 60-year old actor says, “I have spent so much on these diseases. When it was first diagnosed, the doctors said the ailment was severe, that they would need to control its progression for it not to affect my kidneys. This they did, and I was happy they succeeded, but now, other serious ailments have set in, necessitating this battle of survival. I am not tired yet; I still want to continue to make people laugh, but my failing health is a terrible obstacle.”

He wants Nigerians, corporate organisations and the Government to help him stay alive because he can't pay for his treatment which will cost N12m.

To donate to the actor, please find his bank details below.

Olukayode Olugbenga Odumosu;
Diamond Bank
Account number: 0036059543.

Telephone numbers: 08033535159 and 08096762254.
His son, Tunde's num 08174435105.
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Halle Berry welcomes baby boy

Seems we are in the season of babies. Everyone around seems to be having babies this days.

Beautiful Hollywood star Halle Berry delivered a baby boy on saturday at a Los Angeles hospital.

Congrats to Halle and her beau.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nike Oshinowo is now a Mum

According to Bella Naija, Ex beauty Queen Nike Oshinowo welcomes her twin babies via gestational surrogate in the United States of America. The twins are biologically hers. She has been battling with endometriosis which is a medical condition in women that causes severe pain and infertility.

Congrats on this big news.
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Friday, 4 October 2013

Kimmy shares daughter's pix

Kim Kardashian shared a beautiful picture of baby North West today on instagram.
That baby is CUTE
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Osun and Ekiti states declare 3 days mourning.

Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola, and his
Ekiti counterpart, Kayode Fayemi, have
declared three days mourning for the victims
of Thursday's plane crash involving the
remains of former Governor Olusegun Agagu
of Ondo State.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lagos plane crash

I am sure that you already heard about the plane crash that happened earlier today. I feel so sad for the Agagu family and all the other families that lost their loved ones in that horrible crash. May the souls of the depart rest in perfect peace.

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I am done with ignoring this page for so long. Been busy with and that but I got a wake up call today from my long time friend Yetunde Samuel Oluwarinde.

Am not running anymore. Lets make this page fun as it used to be.

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Toyin Aimaku exchange vows

Yoruba movie actress Toyin Aimaku finally exchanged vows with her hubby who is also an actor at the Ikoyi registry this morning.
Wishing the couple all the beautiful things of life.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy July

Happy new month my wonderful peeps.

Today is the 7th day in the 7th month of year 2013. I am so thankful for been alive and well. A lot have happened from January till now, alot have died but WE re so alive. Its not by our power.

So many times we complain about our needs and desires that are yet to come true, my dear only the living can do that.

So quit complaining and thank God for what he has done so far.


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Friday, 5 July 2013

Am Back!!!

So sorry for the long absence. I surely didnt plan to disappear for so long but the good news is Tee Jolly is back for good.

Will make sure I make your time on this blog worthwhile.

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Denrele's Tribute to Goldie.

Goldie is indeed gone. Hmmmmm
Below is Denrele's tribute to his best friend. Rest in Peace Goldie Susan Harvey

    My super star friend sways away and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says "she's gone"...Gone where?

    Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as gorgeous now as when last I saw her.

    Her slightly disappearing figure and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

    And just at that moment, when someone at my side says she's gone, there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon and other voices take up a glad shout - There she comes! That is what dying id - An horizon and just the limit of our sight.

    My lifeline, my lexicon, Therapist and support system…we have known lots of pleasure, at times endured ppai, we have lived in the sunshine and walked in the rain. I had acute malaria (was shaking terribly) but performed “skibobo” with you at the Industry Night and Loud&Proud show, I sprained my ankle but still shot your three videos in a row in S/A.

    I left my family house and moved in with you and your family right after all the Big Brother Africa madness, I did all the damage control….

    I fought every organizer simply cos I wanted you on the bill with me and split my show earnings with you, I dragged you to the American Embassy even if it meant I had to get up at 4am. I endured negative criticism because shallow minds couldn’t comprehend your brand essence – I started wearing block heels (you got me the most fabulous pair of Jeffrey Campbells) and I damned the consequences. I recorded the reality show “Tru Friendship” with you because you went on and on about it and I wanted to please you.

    I have been your fierce-alter ego in all your videos, I have fought your fights, endured countless eccentric P.As with you…I can go on and on and this is how you leave me? You chose an eternal sleep over a fabulous life with me? Lest I forget, I ate the entire box of birthday chocolates Bola sent to you!

    Phew, I can’t type anymore, I’m playing “Good To Me” (always disturbed you to release that song) and my notepad is a misty mass of my never ending tears. So sad when people who give you the best memories, become a memory!

    The Goldie I knew, despite your success and worldwide recognition, still wondered, “Am I good enough?” “Am I pretty enough?” “Will they like me?” It was this burden that made you great…And that made you stumble in the end.

    Goldie if you can hear me now, you weren’t good just good enough – You were abso-frigging-lutely GREAT! You sang the whole damn song without a band- you made the picture of a showbiz star look so perfect!

    Your parting has left a void, but I will fit it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss and oh yes, these things I too will miss. Even though we are separated and for a time apart, I am not alone cos you’re forever in my heart. I will move mountains to continue your legacy, I will crash ceilings to spread your good works, I will break barriers to sell your “market” but above all, I will cherish the awesome times we spent together…You will forever be my source of infinity!

    We wore the same shoe size and had the same body proportions. You made me start strutting lashes and recall I wore that black dress of yours you never got to wear? No masterpiece can ever match your face! To everyone reading this piece, let my dear friend rest in peace! Speak no evil about her, she was too good to be true!

    I can hear you say to me…Mbirikoko, do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep, Do not stand at my grave and cry…I am not there, I did not die!

Denrele Edun

I never knew Denrele is this emotional. *sigh*

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Still cant believe that Goldie is gone

Its a terrible way to end Val's day. Was listening to N6 on cool fm around ten n suddenly N6 and Joyce kinda disappeared because they just kept playing music without saying a word. It was later I realised that N6 must have rushed to the Reddington hospital when he heared the news.

Not long after, hubby showed me what was trending on twitter "Goldie Harvey is dead".
I said it was a lie until I saw Linda Ikeji's post and N6's tweet. Its so sad that such a vibrant and energetic young woman will die just like that!

I watched Big brother Africa because of Goldie. We all got to see her very emotional side.

Not long ago I posted something about her upcoming reality show with her best friend Denrele Edun.

Its so sad she is gone. So many unachieved dreams. She just came into the country and she died on the same day
I wonder what went wrong.
Its a pity we wouldnt hear from you or ever see you again, Goldie but God knows best.

I cant imagine how her parents would be feeling right now. So so sad.

Rest in Peace Goldie.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Paralympic star Oscar Pistorious mistakenly kills girlfriend on Val's morning

Soooooo sad.

Paralympic and Olympic star Oscar Pistorius has reportedly shot dead his girlfriend after mistaking her for an intruder. A body was discovered at the athlete's home in the Silverwoods estate in eastern Pretoria, South African police said. Pistorius' girlfriend was allegedly shot as she woke him, trying to surprise him on Valentine's day. Pistorius was arrested early Thursday morning following the shooting and is expected in court later.

The 26-year-old is understood to have shot his girlfriend in the head and arms. Paramedics were called to his home between 4am and 5am local time. Police arrived shortly afterwards and a 9mm pistol was reportedly recovered from the scene.

This is terribly sad. Its a bad way to die. The lady must have really been shocked when she got shot. And the poor guy might be sentenced to death. *sob*
Please be careful how you go about surprising your loved one.

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Happy Valentine

Yeah today is St Valentines day so I wanted to wish my wonderful readers a wonderful day.
Try to make atleast one person smile today.

And as you celebrate today please play SAFE *wink*

Today also happens to be my god daughter's birthday, Valerie Olayiwola she is two years old today. Happy birthday sweetie, love u.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Liberian girl by Femi

If you love Micheal Jackson's Liberian girl then you are gonna love its Nigerian version done by Femi who is Medical Doctor.
He added a bit of Naija flavour.

If you would like to know more about him then follow him on twitter @feminaija

This song is on replay on my Droid.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Nse Ikpe Etim is planning a VAL wedding.

Joyful news *ringing bells*

Lovely actress Nse is planning to get married to the love of her life this week, sources are even saying that the wedding will hold on Valentine's day. After which she would relocate to the United Kingdom where her hubby resides but she would be in Nigeria often because she is still going to be acting.

I am so happy for her, she is getting married to her first love whom she met and started dating when she was 17 yrs old although they broke up for some years and eventually found eachother irresistible. *batting eyelashes*.

Nse dear, congrats. Wishing u a very happy and successful marriage.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dr Sid launches his own chocolate cookie called INDULGE.

Its Dr Sid, Marvin in the house. While some celebrities are busy launching clothing lines, perfumes and even shoes, Dr Sid decided to create a very different niche for himself buy launching his own chocolate cookie called INDULGE, even the name alone is making my mouth water.

To launch the first ever quadruple chocolate cookie invention by a creative fusion of music mastery and dough delight, the unveiling of Dr Sid’s chocolate cookie ‘indulge’ was held at the unusual cuisine restaurant, at POP 46 Saka Tinubu Victoria Island Lagos on the 9th of February 2013.

Indulge is a luxury chocolate cookie made with the finest Kenyan Cocoa powder, chocolate dough and Belgian chocolate. With a half coat of melted chocolate and a sprinkle of Belgian chocolate chips, the cookie is a treat of good chocolate and cookie love.

The unveiling was attended by a small group of close friends, family and colleagues who experienced cookie joy.  At N3,500, the indulge cookies can be purchased by placing orders at or

The bottom line is, you cannot think of love, delight, chocolate or valentine’s day without thinking of the indulge cookie.  In Dr Sid’s words “why send flowers this season when you can send indulge and get the cookie *wink*”

Dearest Mr Jolly, remember to add INDULGE chocolate cookies to my Valentine hamper. *wink*

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Iyanya acquires 2012 Aston Martin Vantage car

Who says there is no money in showbiz?

He took this picture with his new 'toy' in his home in Lekki and tagged it 'who God don bless'. Heard the car is N30m. Congrats to him.

Am GREEN with envy because I have always dreamed of owning atleast one Aston Martin.
Anway them no dey catch latecomer for car buying because Tee Jolly must buy. *big smile*

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

VALENTINE....... Lets show some love.

Valentine is coming up in a few days time so I just thought why dont we gist about it today.

For me, I believe it is a season to show love to someone (or even people). It is not just a day for lovers but a day for everyone. You can decide to make anyone of your choice happy, it can be ur mum, siblings or you can even donate to an orphanage closr to you if you can afford it.

As for those that are in relationships and those that are married, please DO NOT use style to pick a fight with your partner so as to avoid spending some money on that day.

Please note that Val's day should not be the only day that you would actually be nice to your partner #justsayin.

I am looking forward to having some fun on that day but since it falls on a work day hmmmmmm I am still thinking how I am gonna go about it. Trust Lagos roads to be extra busy on that day. That would not spoil my day sha.

So what kind of gifts are you expecting to receive on that day? *seriously daydreaming already*

In case you are wondering what to buy for your loved ones I will add a few things that you can buy. *grin*

SPECIAL WARNING to ladies that buy boxers and singlets for their men, maybe you should kuku add white handerchief to the list so that your man can join Atilogwu dancers*jokin*
If that is what you have been buying PLEASE step up your game.

For Men
1. Shirts.
2. Shoes (men love shoes).
3. Wristwatches (often expensive but its worth it).
4. Cufflinks.
5. Leather belts.
6. Perfumes ( everyone wants to smell really nice).
7. PSP Vita or Playstation 4 (bring out the kid in him).

For Women
1. Cake (you just have to get her a cake with a special inscription except she is allergic to cakes).
2. Clothes.
3. Chocolate (most of us have sweet tooth).
4. Bling (we LOVE jewelleries not fake ones oooo).
5. Shoes.
6. Wristwatches.
7. Perfumes.

If you feel that there's anything missing from this list pls feel free to add yours by posting a comment.

If ur partner loves mobile phones, androids and tablets feel free to buy any of these:
Galaxy Tab *wink*
IPhone 5
Blackberry 10 ( you can preorder it for just 100 thousand naira only)

I specially love personalized gifts too so you can buy something special for that special somebody and PERSONALIZE it.

Expecting your comments oooo cos I know that this list aint long enough.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tuface and Annie are having their wedding SOON

Annie has been in Dubai for some weeks now, busy planning her wedding.

She announced her wedding date today on facebook (celebrities and social media sha). Annie is sure going to make a beautiful bride.

This is gonna be one very special wedding and I hope this will stop tuface from having more baby mamas.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tiwa Savage's engagement ring

Teebillz didnt just put a ring on it but he decided to put on her finger this beautiful yellow n white diamond ring.

This must have cost alot of money.
Tiwa, your hand fine ooooooo

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